This is a strange recording. Yes, yes, the text in itself is science-fiction-odd and demanding, but notice how it sounds as if I am speaking with two voices simultaneously? I delved into throat singing, and was recommended a famous singer and teacher to ask about it – Wolfgang Saus. I told him that it was not on purpose – that I had a sore throat, when recording, but found this dual voice  highly fascinating. He was kind enough to reply:

What you’re doing is called “Strohbass”. It’s a singing technique seldom used in classical bass singing to reach notes in the subcontra octave. Some Tibetan monks use “Strohbass” as well, other use vetricular-fold-techniques (similar to Kargaraa in Tuva). Leonardo Fuks wrote his dissertation about it:

It’s not difficult to learn. If you know how to yodel just try to stay on the edge tone where the modes switch. If you don’t yodel, try to sing in a tired voice as soft as possible, but with dense closed vocal cords, as if you where angry but tired. Hard to explain in words… But with a little practice you’ll be able to stabilise the sound and sing or speak with it.

There are also other vocal techniques to produce two voices. Check this out:

It’s an interesting topic.

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