Then I deleted it and brought it here [poem in 6 voices, terror]

Kenneth Krabat33 min. · Redigeret ·


The Danish Terror Visit Or Whatever It Turns Out To Be:
I’m waiting for a saddle on that horse
and (maybe)
so is everyone else, I think
I can’t help thinking if maybe that is part of terror.
I don’t want to put a colour on anything not already tainted,
in order to further my own cause.
I am Danish. I am hungry! I am civilised exclamation mark
I am what ever you want me to be

while we collect our joined anger at the pissholes
who knock on our door
blueblackredyellowgreen pissholes

and dump you out at sea
and D for
Don’t Come Back,

She Laughed: HAHAHA.
He laughed too.

Synes godt om ·  · Del

Did it get better after the move? Personally, I don’t think so,
not much of a poet at rhyming,
see not much reason for it not found in proper breathing –
even if rhyme couplets IS a guilty pleasure…
But I need these little political abscesses
that look as if the author waited for his own head to arrive in stages.
Slutboy. Tasty name. Should I take it?

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